Know which dog is right for me

From prehistoric findings, there is evidence that compatibility between humans and dogs dates back to ancient times. A species that has served us for almost everything: custody of our property, livestock management, hunting assistance, even as support in times of war.

To all these functions the dog as a pet has been incorporated, and that is where we want to focus: if you want to find the perfect dog for you, you must first know how to take care of it in its broadest sense. Well, for a choice correct you must take into account the dog’s behavior, breed, age and sex, as well as something that can go unnoticed and that is crucial: your lifestyle. So you can find the perfect dog for you, in this section we analyze all these issues. We hope it helps you to choose a dog!

Dog behavior

When deciding to own a dog, it is not enough that you are aware of the benefits that your company will bring you, but you should also know what a dog’s true needs are in terms of behavior, since they have nothing to do with ours. To say that the dog is faithful, affectionate, intelligent, sensitive and clever is sure to fall short, but that does not mean that you should treat him like a human being. Although it seems to you, like us, that he has no more to talk about, his way of being has great differences from ours.

  • Sociable species. The dog is an animal that has evolved in groups, with which it is part of its nature to create bonds and establish hierarchies. This is the impulse that leads him to adapt in a thousand wonders to the coexistence with the human being –which he joins as one more member of the clan–, and for which he very badly tolerates being alone for a long time; What’s more, that can lead to serious behavioral problems, such as separation dog anxiety.
  • Need for exercise and hygiene. Although it is small in size, the dog needs to exercise and interact with its surroundings, otherwise its temperamental balance will be resentful. Obviously, the needs of a dog’s exercise vary with its size, but its complexion also influences: a giant dog cannot run like a medium or large dog because its joints suffer with very intense exercise. You must also take into account the needs of hygiene of a dog because he will need baths, cleaning of eyes, ears, teeth and cutting of nails.
  • Smell is your main sense. Unlike in us, the most developed sense in dogs is smell, and influences how dogs relate to other animals. That’s why everything and everyone smells. This sense is also what determines their behavior with food, they don’t prefer your food because they like it better than theirs, but because they love their smell. If you are one of those who still believe that feeding your dog like yourself is the best way to feed it, you should know that this is the worst decision you can make for your health. The dog must take a food formulated for him, never your food.
  • Training needs. The same impulse that the dog has when it comes to being part of a group makes it tolerate a secondary role in front of a leader and with that it is easy to train. Obviously, this has a lot to do with his intelligence, but this on its own would not be enough to get a dog to respond to basic orders, but it also takes some disposition of the dog. For this reason, independent individuals tend to be more difficult to train, since they do not pay enough attention.

The dog breed

Among all the aspects that influence when choosing a dog as a pet is whether you want a purebred or crossed dog. All mongrel dogs can perform their “best friend of man” function perfectly. If it is also one of the countless dogs for adoption that live in the shelters, better for everyone. However, we cannot ignore the fact that there are a large number of dog breeds, with their own characteristics that should be considered in the election process. We look forward to helping you choose a dog breed.

What breed of dog to choose

To know which breed of dog is the most suitable for you, you must consider:

  • Physical characteristics
  • Size You can find large dog breeds, whose weight is around 45 kilos (even more), to tiny dog ​​breeds, weighing less than 4 kilos. The classification we make in Royal Canin regarding the size of dogs is very important because they have very different nutritional needs.
  • Hair type. Some breeds of dogs only have one type of mantle, for example, the characteristic dappled Dalmatian, but if you do not have much daily time to take it for a walk before choosing it you should know that it needs a lot of physical exercise. Others stand out for having very long hair and silky, like the Afghan Hound, which requires truly laborious care. On the contrary, others are distinguished by being breeds of dogs that do not loose hair, either because they have very little, such as the Chinese Crested, or because they have no hair at all, like the Peruvian Hairless Dog (that is his name). There is another group of dogs that do not leave hairs, the woolly ones, such as the Poodle and the Spanish Water Dog, which are characterized by not making periodic changes, so that a dog does not release hair can make it be considered a hypoallergenic dog, but before choosing one of this type should make the appropriate medical tests, since there are those who are not allergic to the hair of the dog itself, but to his saliva or mites, which would give the same thing. Another thing to consider is if This is a breed that requires a special haircut, such as the West Highland White Terrier, in which case you should also consider how much a dog’s hair care costs.

 – Particular completion. There are many anatomical details of the dog that we could consider, but we are going to focus on two: very short-legged dogs because they may have some difficulty going up and down stairs (beware if you live on a high floor without an elevator and you like Basset Hound ) and those of extremely flat breeds, such as the English Bulldog, since they may suffer from brachycephalic syndrome (causes respiratory problems).

  • The temperament. The character of dog breeds can vary substantially from one another. Thus, the temperament of a breed of dog selected for generations to hunt shows substantial differences over another that has been selected for grazing or for protection, so you should know the behavior of the breed you like. Are you looking for an active dog to play sports with you? Then you cannot choose a breed like Carlino. Are you looking for a dog to practice agility? Well, one that is having a lot of success in this discipline is the Border Collie. Of course, we are doing a general analysis, aware that there may be differences between individuals of the same breed. The same happens with the tendency of the dog to bark, which is completely natural. Therefore, there is no dog that does not bark. It is possible that a Yorkshire Terrier is proportionately more barking than a Beagle and that it, in turn, barks more than a Golden Retriever, but it is not a norm because training has a lot to do when handling a barking dog a lot, regardless of race.
  • Nutritional needs. In addition to needing specific care for their complexion or hair type, some dog breeds may have their own nutritional needs. Therefore, it is worth knowing if the best breed of dog for you has a food adapted to its nutritional needs.

Dog’s age

When you decide that the dog is the ideal pet for you, one of the things you should consider is if you want a puppy or an adult dog, even a senior one. Because of its importance for its development, you should not choose a puppy with less than 8-10 weeks, unless, of course, it is an orphan puppy. Here are the keys to know if a puppy or an adult dog suits you more.

  • Puppy. The advantages of choosing a puppy are to see him grow, teach him according to your tastes and enjoy with his games, which go from being very clumsy to doing them as true athletes.According to the studies carried out, a good part of the puppy’s behavior develops during pregnancy directly influenced by the treatment he has received from the mother. Therefore, it is good to know in what conditions she has lived during that phase. Even so, this is not decisive because the socialization period will mark the puppy’s future more, so make sure that the puppy has not been separated from his mother and siblings during that time. Another thing to consider for the additional costs They are the veterinary care of the puppy, since it will need deworming, vaccines, identification, sterilization, etc.
  • Adult An adult dog has its character more than a puppy, which can be a challenge for a novice owner. As a general rule, both the adult and the senior dog usually arrive home by adopting them in an animal protection association, let them be advised by those responsible.As for puppies, you should consider the veterinary care of the dog, from vaccination to sterilization (if not yet sterilized), through identification and deworming. This visit to the veterinarian is very important because It is not strange that an elderly dog has some special need, so keep that in mind when choosing.

Remember that the adoption of an adult dog provides a second chance to those who were abandoned by their owners and the protective associations have many dogs for adoption seeking a new home.

The sex of the dog

As a rule, males are larger and more dominant than females, and they experience periodic jealousy unlike males. However, although they do not have jealousy proper, they do maintain the constant impulse to cover if they are in contact with females in heat, at which time they can also increase their independent sense and dominance against other males. For all this, when choosing a dog you must take into account their sex; At least if you don’t intend to sterilize him.

  • How males behave. Generally, male dogs show more dominant momentum, especially with other males, and can be escapists when they detect the presence of a female in heat. This can make it difficult to control if the dog is not very obedient, it can even cause it to go astray. Also the males are characterized by marking their territory, hence they go “raising the leg” at every step, and if they are of the same breed , for being larger than females.
  • How females behave. As in the case of males, there are females that can be very dominant with other females, but in general they are more submissive than males. When choosing a female, do not overlook that she will have periodic jealousy (the average is one every six months) after reaching sexual maturity, period in which he will accept to be covered by any male. Caution because a simple mistake can produce a litter to which then you have to find a family.
  • Sterilization. You must banish the idea that a dog needs to reproduce as another element to achieve a “full life.” That is an exclusively human argument that can negatively influence their health. In contrast there is the possibility of sterilizing the dog, both male and female, a veterinary practice with very well proven benefits: it inhibits the impulse to cover by the male, eliminates the jealousy of females and reduces the dominant behavior in general. It also increases your life expectancy by decreasing the risk of certain diseases. The only thing you should keep in mind after surgical sterilization is that nutritional needs change and you should take a food adapted to these new requirements.

Our life style

If in this whole process you are taking into account “which is the best dog for my lifestyle”, we cannot agree more with you. It is not the same to be the owner of a dog when you travel on the smallest occasion, which, even if you are a little traveler, you hardly have time to take it for a walk. You should even consider the size of your home and the climate of the place where you live when making a decision.

  • Health condition. In the case of a puppy or an adult dog, at the time of choosing a dog you should pay attention to several things: Check that it has no signs of diarrhea or mucus in the nose or eyes, that it is at its correct weight (especially that is not very thin if it is a very young puppy or that it has an extremely inflated belly), that the hair is bright and lustrous and that the skin does not have scaling or parasites.Check that it does not limp or has difficulties to move, it may be Something temporary, but it can also be a sign of some joint condition, such as hip or elbow dysplasia. Check how it behaves. A shy or fearful dog can become very sociable with good training, but if you do not want to spend time on that, better opt for a dog that is already cheerful and playful. If it is a puppy, the behavior it shows may be indicative of its future character. Still, it should always surprise you that a dog (puppy or adult) is apathetic, without paying attention to what is going on around it. This may be a sign that your health is not in optimal condition. If you still choose to choose him, keep in mind that he may have additional veterinary needs (veterinary clinics for dogs).
  • How males behave. Generally, male dogs show more dominant momentum, especially with other males, and can be escapists when they detect the presence of a female in heat. This can make it difficult to control if the dog is not very obedient, it can even cause it to go astray. Also the males are characterized by marking their territory, hence they go “raising the leg” at every step, and if they are of the same breed , for being larger than females.
  • How females behave. As in the case of males, there are females that can be very dominant with other females, but in general they are more submissive than males. When choosing a female, do not overlook that she will have periodic jealousy (the average is one every six months) after reaching sexual maturity, period in which he will accept to be covered by any male. Caution because a simple mistake can produce a litter to which then you have to find a family.
  • Sterilization. You must banish the idea that a dog needs to reproduce as another element to achieve a “full life.” That is an exclusively human argument that can negatively influence their health. In contrast there is the possibility of sterilizing the dog, both male and female, a veterinary practice with very well proven benefits: it inhibits the impulse to cover by the male, eliminates the jealousy of females and reduces the dominant behavior in general. It also increases your life expectancy by decreasing the risk of certain diseases. The only thing you should keep in mind after surgical sterilization is that nutritional needs change and you should take a food adapted to these new requirements.
  • Free time. Dogs can be alone at home for a few hours, almost entirely they get used to being alone at least the time you are working, but all without exception have a need for natural exercise, which varies depending on their characteristics. Find out how much time you will need to dedicate to the dog you like to know if you will have enough time each day.This applies to the holidays, so before deciding to live with a dog you must be clear if you will take it on a trip with you or you will leave it in the care of another person or in a residence. By the way, if you are one of those who plans to go with your new dog everywhere, you should have information on the spaces where pets are allowed, from hotels to restaurants, passing through hairdressers and clothing stores.
  • Size and type of housing. Having a dog at home gives you company, although before deciding to live with one you must analyze whether a small or a large dog suits you. The dogs for small flats most suitable are those of small size or those, even being large, have a quiet behavior. There are breeds such as San Bernardo, which by its selection is a dog suitable for cold weather and outside. On the other hand, if you are looking for a dog for indoor or warm places due to its low tolerance for cold, your dog may be the Little Italian Hound. Of course, you must be aware that you must also leave.
  • Kind of family. Do you live alone? Have children? Depending on the answer to each of these questions, the decision is completely different. As we cannot make an analysis of all the possible family casuistry, on our part, the only thing we are going to highlight is that the decision to have a dog as a pet It must be agreed by everyone. As long as there is a family member who is not comfortable with the decision, the conflict between you will be assured.


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